Yes, we love them…

…these cool mums enjoying their life with kids.

Unconventional, self-determined, attractive and confident. Simply because they are who they are and live the way they do, they exude an aura of nonchalance and magnetism. Chaos turns into creativity, aesthetics becomes a second nature and nothing really seems impossible. That’s rock’n roll or pure joie de vivre.

Nada and Vanessa are perfect examples of these cool mothers living a lifestyle of casual luxury, with daughter Juli always in tow. For our photo shoot they simply opened the doors to their private realm to us, nothing was staged. Things just happened on their own, simply because Nada and Vanessa are the way they are.

Turn on the music, open the wardrobe and off we go!
The CYBEX TOPAZ is part of the show.


© Photography by Lottermann and Fuentes

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