An interview with Lottermann & Fuentes

Nada Lottermann and Vanessa Fuentes grew up together. They developed a passion early on for working creatively together in a multitude of different disciplines. Fashion, art and photography define the focus points of their work – always to create an expression of the feeling of the moment. Both photographers develop a freedom on their projects which they use to give the subject an easy-going strength. It’s just like visiting friends.



Who do you think are Lottermann & Fuentes at the moment?
Nada: Two really good friends sharing one dream: shoot the world without fear.


In which moments do you feel, that you are gifted?
Vanessa: Normally I don’t feel talented only when someone gives me a compliment -

then I am happy.
Nada: There is one special moment during working on a project /

good mood and a lot of nice pictures catching the right feeling.


Are you happy, having this talent?
Nada: Yes, of course! Why should we not. Could somebody not be happy having fun

during his personal work getting good results?


Describe intuition.
Vanessa: When something works out so easy and good that it doesn’t feel like work

or even needed afford to be perfect.


Describe your work.
Vanessa: Watching life.
Nada: Free like a bird, always on the road searching for new inspirations.


Do people need your work?
Vanessa: Why not?
Nada: I don’t care if somebody needs our work or not, we need it and we love it.


Could things be changed by creativity?
Vanessa: Creativity is change.
Nada: Searching for the right moment and a different view of what we see could

change somebody’s mind and feelings.


Describe rebellion.
Vanessa: Real rebellion happens for me in silent, softness and it takes a lot time.
Nada: Lottermann and Fuentes laughing.


Tell us your most beautiful thought.
Nada: Everlast love for my family and my close friends.


What makes you smile?
Vanessa: Stupid friends, silly talks, good food, baby moving and magic in the air.
Nada: Lila, Juli, le Franc and dancing like crazy and tons of humor.



© All images courtesy of Lottermann and Fuentes.

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  1. nevenka moore says: 9. Juli 201216:30

    It is said that if you like what you do , you will never work a day in your life.Obviously Nada and her friend have achived just that , Not only that they are beautiful but also very taleted .Their outlook on life is refreshing

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